Gibraltar’s licensed insurers are able to cover risks both in the United Kingdom and other EU member states, without the need of a separate licence, as a result of the confirmation by the United Kingdom Government on the 11th June 1997 that the supervisory regime in Gibraltar matched the supervision standards in the United Kingdom. There are currently a number of insurers in Gibraltar who are making use of this benefit and providing cross border services into countries of the European Union in accordance with European law.

For insurance organisations that require an audit for statutory or regulatory reasons connected with the filing of their annual financial information, PwC provides an assurance service to shareholders and management on the truth and fairness of the information and specifically addresses any other regulatory reporting requirements.

We make it our business to understand yours. Our audit process is focused on understanding your business and the relevant risks.

Our assurance team is highly trained and committed to provide statutory and regulatory audits of the highest standards. We aim to exceed client expectations, by continuously reviewing our own effectiveness and efficiency, and by maintaining close communication with the client throughout the audit process. Through a broad range of innovative, high-quality and cost effective solutions we can help your business improve its financial control and regulatory reporting system. In every case, the PwC audit is underpinned by our deep industry knowledge, wide experience and global network of skilled professionals.