HR Services

All businesses care for their capital, whether this happens to be cash, equipment or stock, as these are generally considered to be the most valuable assets, but what about your Human Capital?  

The Challenge

Employing staff can create a number of challenges for your business, which need to be fairly and consistently managed.  There are a number of key areas which you need to ensure you get right in order to recruit and retain the best possible workforce.

Here at PwC, we pride ourselves on the service we can offer our clients. We believe that we can only provide this by having the right people, in the right place at the right time. Therefore, to us, our Human Capital is worth a lot.

How we can help you?

Our Human Resources Officer is an Associate Member of the CIPD and the Gibraltar HR Forum.  She is extremely knowledgeable in the area of Human Capital and particularly experienced and familiar with the specific requirements of Gibraltar.  With a thorough understanding of local employment documentation with the Employment Service (ES) as well as relevant employment legislation, she is able to help your business in all of the following areas:

• Recruitment and selection, including advertising, screening and interviewing;
• On-boarding process, including offer making, ES procedures and induction;
• Drafting policies and ensuring you have a comprehensive employee handbook;
• Answering employment legislation queries;
• Skills assessment and training, including assistance with staff development, appraisals and objective setting;
• Performance management and reward;
• Assisting with internal communications and employee relations;
• Conflict management, including support and advice for dealing with employee related issues such as poor performance, misconduct and dismissal;

We are able to offer you a bespoke service tailored to both your needs and those of your staff.