Fiduciary services in Gibraltar are regulated by the Financial Services Commission. Firms are licensed as trust and company managers under the Financial Services (Investment and Fiduciary Services) Act 1989. In regulating this practice, Gibraltar has ensured that there are high standards which firms need to abide by if they wish to handle client monies in a fiduciary capacity.

Under the Financial Services (Accountancy and Financial) Regulations 1991, licensees are required to file audited accounts four months after their balance sheet date. A licensee’s auditor is also required to submit their audit report and a Return of Trusts and Companies under Management to the Regulator.   

PwC is focused on improved client service and delivering real added value to our fiduciary clients.

PwC has extensive experience in the trust and company manager industry. As a leader in the industry, PwC help to assure client’s financial, tax, risk, regulatory compliance and reporting obligations. As part of PwC's global network of fiduciary experts, we are well placed to help our clients as they address increasingly international challenges.

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