The preparation of the payroll is a mundane and repetitive task carried out every week or month, depending on the type of business. However, because of the nature of the work, in most organisations this task usually requires a disproportionate amount of effort in order to guarantee the necessary confidentiality and to ensure that the work is executed accurately and on time.

We have developed a specialised service for handling the administration of your payroll and all other related matters in order to allow you to devote management time to more productive activities.

Transferring the administration of your payroll to us may be beneficial for a variety of reasons:

  • to fill the gaps in your resources or expertise;
  • for confidentiality;
  • to release of staff for more productive work;
  • to make use of our international network;
  • to deal with executives and expatriate staff;
  • for flexibility as your needs change; and
  • to ensure continuity of service.

We have a dedicated team of specialist staff with extensive experience who realise that the confidential, accurate and timely preparation of your company's payroll is fundamental to your business.

By placing your payroll with us we will ensure that your company meets its statutory requirements and that the salaries are calculated in accordance with all regulations relating to PAYE and social insurance.

We can deal with changing taxation and employment legislation and administration procedures, leaving your staff to concentrate on more productive work for your business.

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