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In today's economic climate businesses will undoubtedly be faced with rapid market changes, new competitors, lack of available funding, litigation threat, loss of key staff - these issues whether collectively or in isolation can plunge a business into serious financial distress. Companies often exhibit symptoms of distress well before a crisis erupts and early detection and swift, decisive action can be key to restoring performance and value.

PwC is one of the world's largest provider of business recovery and insolvency services and in Gibraltar we have been advising businesses, lenders, shareholders and other key stakeholders for over 30 years across the spectrum of industries located within our jurisdiction. Our services are designed to help a business execute a turnaround programme or simply remedy any issue which has potential to intensify and cause further damage. When turnaround is not possible, we can help clarify available options, minimise loss exposure, and maximise returns when facing insolvency.

The services we can provide include:

Independent business reviews

When a business is underperforming, is in distress, or is in crisis, our first step is to undertake a tailored, objective assessment of the situation and resources. Our rapid and rigorous review process scrutinises financial performance, operating dynamics, asset deployment and management issues. Based on our findings we are then able to identify a range of options and assist in its implementation if required.

Non-performing loan sales and analysis

We advise banks and other financial institutions on the disposal or purchase of non-performing loans. Our services include conducting financial due diligence and portfolio reviews, preparing information memoranda on asset valuation and disposal options, identifying potential investors, and facilitating sale negotiations and deal competition.

Forensic accounting

We have extensive experience of investigating alleged frauds discussing potential fraud risks with companies across a broad spectrum of industries. Our team can assist your business by implementing an approach that will focus on tracing and retrieving stolen/missing assets as fully as possible and identifying the perpetrators and uncovering actionable evidence.

Our services will include recommendations and/or implementation of effective remedial action to forestall future incidents.

Corporate simplification and restructuring

When an existing corporate structure no longer meets a business's objectives, we will work with you to identify surplus entities, release capital, reduce operating costs, and achieve a leaner more transparent corporate structure. Our tailored approach addresses, critical issues, minimises risk, and helps and sure a smooth transition to a streamlined operating model.

For underperforming companies we can work with you to deliver restructuring solutions designed to build a platform for swift recovery and sustained future success. We thoroughly assess all revitalisation options, develop a plan of action in partnership with management, creditors and other stakeholders, and mobilise the resources required for effective implementation.

Business regeneration and turnaround directors

Our experienced teams help underperforming businesses plan and implement recovery strategies quickly and efficiently. This may involve moving forward on several fronts - crisis intervention, stabilisation and stakeholder communication; generating quick wins and reducing working capital; designing and implementing a value-recovery plan.

We can also help by introducing one of our highly experienced and credentialed turnaround directors. Using our wide ranging contacts in the local and international business world we can help steer the business in the right course.

Executory/corporate insolvency

We have a dedicated insolvency team including two authorised Insolvency Practitioners licensed under the Insolvency Act 2011. We can assist in the solvent and insolvent voluntary liquidation of Gibraltar companies and act as liquidators for both members voluntary liquidations (MVL's) and creditors voluntary liquidations (CVL's) as well as provide advice leading up to the liquidation of the company.

We are authorised to act as liquidators in court appointed liquidations and can provide advice to companies, creditors and other stakeholders who might be heading towards a compulsory liquidation.

Our highly experienced team can also act on behalf of creditors in receivership appointments.

Personal insolvency

We can advise creditors and individuals concerned with personal insolvency and can act as a trustee in bankruptcy under the requirements of the Insolvency Act 2011.

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