Bookkeeping, Accounting and Reporting

What clients’ needs may be:

  • Maintain bookkeeping on a regular basis

  • Ensuring the right expertise in the accounting regulatory environment, including the latest updates and developments

  • Reducing the time spent on reporting and meeting deadlines

  • Understanding the full accounting impact on specific accounting principles

  • Enhancing the application of group accounting and reporting policy

  • Minimising audit overruns

We can assist clients with GFRS 102/IFRS reporting by:

  • Taking care of the bookkeeping and preparing the periodical reports and consolidation package under GFRS 102/IFRS

  • Setting up chart of accounts under GFRS 102/IFRS, as well as the accounting methods and policies that are most suitable to each client’s business

  • Maintaining books and records in accordance with the accounting framework

  • Preparing/ Reviewing accounting entries/ year-end entries

  • Converting trial balance to GFRS 102/IFRS accounting principles

  • Preparing/ Reviewing the group accounting manual to ensure that it complies with a specific GAAP

  • Preparing/ Reviewing forecasts, cash-flow statements etc.

  • Liaising with our internal teams (e.g. audit/tax/payroll & corporate services)

What clients’ needs may be:

  • To prepare annual statutory financial statements

  • To be aware of the latest updates and developments in financial reporting standards that have an impact on the notes to the company's financial statements

  • To have the balance sheet and profit and loss account in the recognised accounting format to ensure compliance with company law

We can assist clients in drawing up their annual accounts by:

  • Preparing/reviewing the balance sheet and profit and loss account in the relevant financial statements format

  • Preparing/reviewing notes to the financial statements

  • Compilation reports - issuance of independence accounting report - ISRS 4410

What clients’ needs may be:

  • Assistance with the assessment of whether the Group exceeds the statutory thresholds to prepare consolidated financial statements.

  • Assistance with the consolidation procedures.

  • Assistance with the preparation of the consolidated financial statements in accordance with the relevant financial reporting framework (GFRS 102 and IFRS) and Gibraltar Companies Act.

We can assist clients in drawing up their consolidated accounts by:

  • Providing assistance with the aggregation and consolidation of the Group figures.

  • Enhancing the consolidation processes’ completed by a client

  • Prepare and present the consolidated financial statements under GFRS 102/IFRS

  • Accounting advisory for specific transactions 

How we can assist:

  • Assisting you with your day-to-day bookkeeping and any other accounting services that may be required.

  • Providing advice on processes within the accounting function that may be improved or enhanced.

PwC Gibraltar has collaborated with XERO to provide cloud accounting services to our clients. XERO is a cloud-based accounting software platform for small and medium-sized businesses. It performs bookkeeping functions like invoicing and payroll. The software even allows you to connect to a live bank feed. 


Please see some of the features of XERO are shown below:


  • Easy invoicing

  • Data protection and storage

  • Faster payments and cash flow management

  • Easy access anywhere anytime (XERO mobile app)

  • Free online support 24/7

XERO allows for both cash and accruals basis of accounting and is appropriate for any type of accounting standard (IFRS and UK GAAP). There are different types of plans depending on the business needs, from ledger and cash books up to the premium plan which is suitable for businesses using multiple currencies.

At PwC Gibraltar, all staff members in the Accounting and Advisory Services Department are proficient with the core features of XERO and have passed the XERO advisor certification program.

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