Solicitor Accountants Reports

All practising solicitors in Gibraltar are required to file a report to the Supreme Court confirming compliance with the solicitors’ accounts rules (“SAR”). The report must be filed at the Supreme Court no later than 6 months after the reporting period end date and must be completed by a reporting accountant. The report involves obtaining reasonable assurance that the entity has complied with the provisions of the Solicitors’ Accounts Rules (‘Rules’) and that the entity’s client accounts are being accounted for in the expected manner. This involves reviewing the firm’s client accounts in accordance with the framework.

PwC represents a number of clients and has extensive experience in this industry. We have access to industry experts both locally and in the PwC global network allowing us to provide a quality service to clients. This allows us to service the variety of lawyers in Gibraltar, from sole practitioners to large entities with numerous associates and partners. As part of our service, we share best practices and recommend improvements to processes and controls.

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