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Insolvency & Corporate Services

I joined PwC in October 2020 as manager within the insolvency department. PwC is known for being a dominant firm in liquidations locally, boasting an impressive portfolio, so I was looking forward to working with Edgar Lavarello and Luke Walsh, the licenced insolvency practitioners in the firm and learning from their experiences. To date, my experience at PwC has exceeded my expectations. Both Edgar and Luke are great mentors who encourage development. Within the insolvency department, I manage both solvent and insolvent liquidations from start to finish. Both processes are different, with the insolvency process being more complex, which is where my legal experience is required. PwC welcomes legal qualifications to encourage a varied skill set within the firm. As well as working with great people, there is always the opportunity to move between departments in order to develop here at PwC. Since joining, I am also assisting with the development of the Corporate Services department, where I am able to build on my existing company management experience. PwC offers a wealth of knowledge and experience and I look forward to developing my career further with the firm.

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"PwC offers a wealth of knowledge and experience."

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