Corporate Social Responsibility

At PwC we believe in being 'part of it': part of the global conversation and movement towards responsible business practices that create positive change in the world.

PwC Gibraltar has a Corporate and Social Responsibility committee, headed by Colin Vaughan and Lalit Khatwani, to centralise all PwC's efforts and energies related to corporate responsibility.

Our dedicated CSR committee drive our agenda and are constantly developing ways in which we can contribute further to the local community. Our local CSR strategy is also aligned to PwC’s global strategy.

We remain conscious of our direct impact on the environment locally, and have introduced a number of environmental initiatives that have now become part of our day to day working.

We are working hard and are very happy with our results so far - we have seen the following initiatives translate into positive actions:

  • we send all our shredded paper for recycling
  • we photocopy and print double sided
  • draft documents are reviewed on screen; reducing the number of printed draft copies of all documents
  • paperless meetings, no internal meetings have any paper printed
  • cans and plastic bottles are recycled
  • energy savings bulbs are used

We're not standing still in this area and we are constantly considering new initiatives that will enhance our work place, cut down our energy consumption and costs, and we are always ready to listen to others for advice.

In a competitive market, people are integral to an organisation’s business success. Building a positive workplace culture is integral to PwC’s high performance, innovation and agility in the marketplace. Our strategy is for PwC Gibraltar to be a great place to work for all our people where they can achieve their ambitions in a supportive challenging environment.

We carry out a range of initiatives designed to create a better environment for our people, including our training and development and people centred policies. In addition to career counselling, coaching and mentoring, we have an established Code of Conduct and confidential grievance and ethical guidance procedures.

PwC's annual global people survey is conducted by every member of staff where they can share their views and opinions with the global network, focusing on what they feel are the strongest and weakest areas of their local firm. These are fed back to the firm locally in an anonymous manner and action is taken on the back of the results of the global people survey.

Finally, we actively promote a healthy office environment, encouraging staff to get involved in sporting activities in order to keep them fresh and excited about their daily jobs.

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