Frequently Asked Questions

What type of degree do I need to join PwC?

You should be aiming to achieve a 2.1 or better in your chosen degree. The professional examinations are very demanding and candidates who do not achieve a high degree grade will struggle.

Does my degree need to be in accountancy?

No. Whilst the elements of a relevant degree will assist you in your studies, any suitable academic subject is acceptable.

How do I qualify as a Chartered Certified Accountant?

You will join us on a training contract during which time you will study for your professional examinations as a student member of the ACCA, whilst gaining valuable on the job work experience.

PwC, Gibraltar, is a registered training centre with the ACCA.

What study support will I get during my training contract?

We pay for your student registration, examination fees, text books and tuition costs for your first attempt at each stage of the examinations. We will also give you paid study leave.

How will you help me develop my working skills?

The PwC methodology is about working in teams, in which more senior, experienced members of the team coach the junior team members, to assist them in their understanding of their assigned work and helping them achieve the objectives set for them.

Training is provided in a variety of ways including on the job training, courses and computer based training packages.

When should I apply?

Now. We receive a large number of applications and have limited vacancies. In order to maximise your chances of success, you need to complete the application form and send it to us as soon as possible.

Can Non-EU residents apply?

Non-EU nationals can only be employed on obtaining a work permit. To obtain a work permit it is necessary to prove that no suitable EU-National workers were available. Please apply in the usual way, ticking the work permit required option.

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