Empowered Flexibility

Be You at PwC

At PwC, we understand that today a career is more than the firm you belong to, it's part of your individual and personal way of life. That's why, when choosing to work at PwC, we provide you with the flexibility and independence to be unique and innovative in the way that suits you.

As a valued member of a higher engaged team, we ask you to live our values in all that you do, in and outside of work - we want you to share knowledge and insights to help make a difference to our people, clients and communities.

At PwC, we have high expectations and trust you to be agile and curious, and to work hard to support our teams and meet the changing needs of our business. You will be inspired to deliver exceptional value and share our commitment to high quality in everything we do.


Empowered Flexibility

We continue to want our people to feel empowered to be the best that they can be. We clearly articulate what a career with PwC really looks and feels like and we set out what you can expect from your experience at the firm, and what you’ll contribute in return, supporting you both professionally and personally.

We aspire to remain constantly agile with how we work. Whilst we’ve long promoted flexible working, Empowered Flexibility reflects how we are working in the new world of work and as part, our people can benefit from the following:

Empowered working week

Our people can decide their most effective working pattern, and the times that they work on any given day. It is our commitment to empowering people to work in ways that works best for them, their teams, and their clients, as part of a hybrid working approach, which we hope will continue our people to pursue well-being routines such as physical movement and rest and recovery practices that suit their personal needs.

Where you work

We expect that our people will spend a minimum of 60% of their working week either at our office premises or at a client site, although there will be exceptions. We have piloted this for a year already and the feedback has been resounding, with a number of our people benefiting from this key flexible arrangement. The need to spend time co-located  with colleagues and other PwC people and clients is important to society and recognises the importance of time spent together to learn, collaborate and socialise.

The possibility of working 4 days a week

We understand that at times, people may benefit from adjusting their working week so that they can work their core weekly hours and offset the additional time spent working on client commits so that they can reduce their working week by up to 1 day. This means our people can, with appropriate planning and approval, choose to work 4 day working weeks instead of the traditional 5 days. We see this as beneficial to both our people and our clients, so that they get the best out of our greatest asset, our people.


We have clarified the criteria and situations in which overtime would accrue and would be awarded to our people. This means that where our people need to work beyond their core hours to meet their internal and client expectations, these recorded hours are recognised and returned back in line with our criteria.

International Remote Working

Appreciating that the post-pandemic resource pool is wider and more agile than ever, we have introduced the opportunity to elect to work away from Gibraltar for a short period of time annually for reasons such as holiday, visiting family and friends, or perhaps in case of family/personal matters. Our current expectation is that our people can work up to 15 working days away from Gibraltar. We have pre-approved certain territories where this arrangement is considered reasonable, but will work with our people to pre-clear other locations as those requests come in.

Flexible public holidays

All our people now have the opportunity to flex the Gibraltar public holidays, for personal reasons. This means that you can choose to work on a public holiday and use that day off as part of your annual leave allowance within the near future.

Shorts at work

As a trial over the summer, we have allowed our people to choose to wear shorts over the warm summer months. This is an enhancement to our current "dress for your day" policy, where we allow our people to dress to their individual identity, subject to that being compatible with their empowered working day and their client's expectations.

All our enhanced flexible working arrangements are subject to a number of factors, such as the firm's eligibility criteria and approval process, and there will be situations where this flexibility will just not work. Our objective is to make the journey simple for our people, and we will take a risk-assessed approach to all decisions made. Our purpose to build trust in society and solve important problems remains our paramount priority.

Maternity and Paternity leave

In addition to the above enhanced working arrangements, we have enhanced our maternity and paternity leave policy, and have increased the paid leave arrangements to allow for up to 4.5 months and up to 15 days, respectively.


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