The construction industry is seen as a key indicator and driver of economic activity and wealth creation. Whether Government or private entities are buoyant, this activity bodes well for any jurisdiction.

The Gibraltar construction industry continues to flourish having a major impact on Gibraltar’s skyline. This is mainly due to the Government who over recent years has embarked on a large scale capital investment programme to regenerate and develop the jurisdiction. The Development and Planning Commission (DPC), a committee consisting of various stakeholders, meets regularly and in an open forum to discuss numerous proposals.

The numbers of auxiliary organisations supporting traditional construction companies are also benefiting, with many larger companies taking the opportunity to outsource key functions to service providers with specialist skills in order to maximise their value and provide a quality service. Examples include outsourced payroll, IT services, accounting services, subcontracted labour, scaffolding and specialised raw materials.

PwC's knowledge of the local area together with our experience in dealing with the full range of construction (and support) companies has put us in prime position to service our clients. Allowing us to:

  • Provide core services;
  • Assess the intricacies of construction contracts and their impact;
  • Assess outsourcing opportunities;
  • Consider growth strategies; and
  • Consider sustainability agendas.

See link for full details regarding the types of services that PwC can provide.

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