Public Sectors

In Gibraltar, the Principal Auditor together with a dedicated team of professionals who form part of the Audit Department, are responsible for the audit of all Government departments, agencies and authorities.

There are however, a substantial number of companies which are 100% owned by the Government. These range from transport to banking and finance to general works and construction. A large number of these companies are required under Gibraltar Law to file audited financial statements.  The appointed auditors must themselves be an external independent party and this prohibits the Principal Auditor and his team from being appointed as auditors.

PwC has been providing services to a large number of Government entities across all industries. We have access to industry experts both locally and in the PwC global network allowing us to provide a quality service to clients. This allows us to specifically service the variety of Government owned entities which there are.

See link for full details regarding the types of services that PwC can provide.

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