Gibraltar has one of the highest tourist to resident radios which makes Gibraltar’s tourism industry a key pillar of the Gibraltar economy.

Remnants of Gibraltar’s military history are one of many attractions worth seeing when visiting the Rock. However, tourists also visit Gibraltar to enjoy its warm Mediterranean climate and to see its wildlife, predominately the Barbary macaque population which live on the rock, and who are the only wild monkey population in Europe.

Local marriage law does not contain any residential requirements and a Gibraltar marriage is recognised worldwide. This makes Gibraltar a popular destination for couples looking to exchange their marriage vows.

Due to Gibraltar’s VAT exempt status, the Rock is also a popular shopping destination for day visitors looking for good deals on cigarettes, alcohol, jewellery and perfumes. Most day visitors tend to use their cars to venture into Gibraltar and they make the most of the low petroleum prices to fill up their tanks before exiting the Rock.  

Due to the increasing popularity of Gibraltar as a port of call for cruise liners, a large proportion of Gibraltar’s tourists are now entering Gibraltar by ship.

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